I Believe Every Sustainable Action Ripples into a Wave of Positive Change

Are you looking for business coaching that doesn’t cost the Earth? You’re in the right place.

I help business owners with sustainable growth and digital transformation.

Adela Mei Jackdaw Coaching

Coaching & Consulting for Sustainable Business

Are you feeling the shift? It’s time to do things differently. A way more aligned with your values. A way that’s profitable for both you and the planet. A way that’s going to feel so much better.

I’m Adela Mei. And I’m passionate about sustainable business growth and digital transformation that doesn’t cost the earth.

I support business owners to:

Align with a deeper purpose

Create a digital business strategy

Build a sustainable business

coaching for sustainable business

Simple Steps to Massive Change

Founder of Jackdaw Coaching, I’ve been a business coach and digital strategist for over a decade.

I work in the business world supporting business owners grow in a way that is sustainable, ethical, and authentic to them.

What if I told you it was possible for you to do the same?









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1 to 1 Coaching

Private coaching sessions to support you with business and digital transformation.

Coaching programme

You can choose to join a coaching programme offering long-term accountability.

sos coaching

For ‘real time‘ support in a business crisis or time sensitive situation.

trust & confidentiality

Sessions are safe, non-judgemental and 100% confidential. No subject is off limits.

coaching for sustainable business

Aligning your business with a deeper purpose

I believe every sustainable action ripples into a wave of positive change.

I bring my technical savvy from over 10 years in the digital space, sustainability know-how from over 25 years in the environmental sector, and wisdom from over 50 years of being on the planet.

I want your business to be profitable for both you and the planet. It’s time to have more impact and coaching is the most sustainable way to get you from where you are – to where you want to be.

coaching for sustainable business

Jackdaw Services

Are you looking for a friendly and approachable coach, to provide affordable and effective coaching? I’ve made it easy to work with me whether it’s coaching for your personal life or for your business.

Life Coaching

Transformational life coaching.

Business Coaching

Strategic coaching for business owners.

Sustainability Coaching

Aligning your business with a deeper purpose.

Small Business Mentoring

Accountability and support for your business momentum.

Digital Business Review

Road mapping and implementing your digital business strategy.

Sustainability Business Review

Planning and actioning your green business strategy.

Ben Mee
Adela’s visit to my business was transformative. Her gently probing questioning allowed me to re-examine my core motivations for my business in an extremely helpful way. It felt a bit like a cloud had lifted and the direction of travel suddenly seemed obvious. I would strongly recommend a consultation with Adela.
Benjamin Mee

Science Journalist & Writer, Dartmoor Zoological Society

Adela Mei Life Coach
We knew we needed to reach an international audience to spread the word about our conservation story, but we had no idea how to achieve that. Since Adela’s involvement in our NGO we feel confident in how to tell our story, and she has enabled us to take our conservation work into a new and exciting phase.
Nini de Berger, Board Member - Conservation International

President, Asociación Fundaselva de Guatemala

Adela Mei Life Coach
Adela has been invaluable to my business. I’ve used Adela’s services to help consolidate and streamline my social media channels and look forward to continuing our working relationship to increase my brand recognition.
Nigel Marven

Wildlife TV Presenter, Nigel Marven Productions

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