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10 Tips to Stay in Control of Your Business

How do you keep your online business accounts safe so you don’t panic when you realise you didn’t set up an account under your name – and now can’t access it? This Guide gives you 10 Tips to Stay in Control of Your Business.

10 tips guide

What’s Inside?

Adela Mei 10 Tips Guide
Why it’s so important to know all your logins, usernames, email addresses, passwords, and secret keys.

An overview of how to keep your online accounts organised.

A checklist of the key accounts you need to keep your online business safe.

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A note from Adela Mei

As a life and business coach, I’m committed to supporting your success, however that looks for you, by bringing you into alignment with what you truly want.

So download the guide. Go through the steps. There’s a checklist at the end so that you can go through step by step how to keep your online accounts in order so that your business is a success!

If you go through the guide, and get stuck, drop me a message and we can schedule a one to one call, and I can walk you through how to find out where your accounts are, and how to get them organised.

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