12. Attract Clients by Peer Networking

That authentic referral network is super important, especially when you talk about business strategy, higher level strategy. Attract clients by peer networking.

Josh Hall
I’m curious how your strategy for getting clients has changed from being in web design to digital strategy, because like you said, you don’t have too many local clients.

How has your strategy changed? Are you working with the network that you had already built up? Are there other forums and channels that you’re into? Is it the professional network through the organisations you’ve been in? Where are some of these digital strategy clients coming from?

Adela Mei
My personal strategy, the top of the list, is networking. And that’s not networking in terms of trying to hook new clients by annoyingly posting on their LinkedIn wall something like that. It’s more like peer to peer networking.

So I do go on LinkedIn, I am in closed forums, including your club. Just being of service, connecting with peers, because generally speaking, it’s not those people that are necessarily going to want to hire me. But they may have clients who may need my services.

So for me, it’s a really genuine, authentic way of just connecting with people. I’m not trying to hook them, I’m not trying to sell them, I’m not trying to pitch them. I’m literally just connecting, being interested genuinely in what they’re doing. Otherwise, I don’t do it. That’s just too disingenuous for me.

And I’m just building a network like that, and then it will come to mind, and this happens from my side, when people contact me and they need something I don’t offer, I will know someone in my network that I will feel comfortable referring them to.

So that referral network is super important, especially when you talk about business strategy, higher level strategy. You want to be talking to other business owners. Not so much the real startup freelancers or the people that I would have worked with a few years ago. It’s not really those kinds of people anymore.

It’s people with established businesses who may or may not have a brand strategy. They know something needs working, then they know someone needs to come in and help, so they’re looking for someone like me to do that.


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