7. Digital Consultancy versus Agency

When you drop away all the other things and focus on that one thing you can then work much more deeply with people. Digital consultancy versus agency.

Josh Hall
I imagine the idea of growing a big agency, do you feel like that was just outside pressure? And just what ‘ society ‘ made you feel like you needed to do? Is that how you felt?

Adela Mei
I think it’s the standard route, that’s a very valid route for some people. You grow, you grow an agency, and that’s the entrepreneur side of you.

But for me, I’m a very one on one person. And I’m very much into a very healthy life work balance, I’m not in my 20s otherwise I probably would have gone the agency route, and gone ‘oh I’m gong to take over the world with web design’. Where I’m at in my life, and what’s really important to me, meant that it just wasn’t going to be a route for me.

The beauty of strategy is, when you drop away all the other things and focus on that one thing, which for me is strategy, you can then work much more deeply with people.

And for me, that’s tremendously satisfying to be able to go deep in someone’s business and say ‘ Hey, dude, I don’t think you need a website. Let’s just have a chat. Why are you doing what you’re doing? ‘

And it might be right at the beginning of a process, you realise together through talking, that they were actually just about to go off on a completely random trajectory, which wasn’t going to get them where they wanted to get. They actually wanting to do something else. You’ve unraveled it together, and you’ve set a new course. And that can be done in a couple of hours conversation. That changes somebody’s life.

Now to me, that’s worth getting out of bed for even if I’m feeling crappy. This is really satisfying work.

Josh Hall
That’s the key. That’s such an important point. Because I do feel like so many younger web designers and business owners, agency owners, maybe there’s no-one directly pressuring them, but you just get this feeling like ‘I should have a big agency’ and I’ve talked about that a lot on the podcast, I really dealt with that. I had a couple colleagues who did that, and I always felt inferior because I felt like ‘man should I have an agency downtown’, have a dozen employees and stuff and that’s what I envisioned when I got into web design.

Once I decided I was gonna have my own thing, so I had to break through my mental barriers and come up with my own strategy based off of what I like to do, which is exactly what I’m doing today.


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