Business Strategy Session with Jennifer Mehta
I recently had the pleasure of a 30 minute hot seat with Adela, and she not only gave me golden nuggets of wisdom to use with regards to my LinkedIn strategy, but she also made me realise it’s perfectly ok to be an introvert and still succeed in business.

During our 30 minute call (which overran by 20 minutes as we were having such a good time!) we connected, chatted and laughed together like we were old friends.

I would highly recommend Adela for developing your business strategy; she delivers in a non-judgmental, reassuring manner and you feel her genuine desire to help you raise your game.

I feel I’ve made a valuable connection, and may even drop by for a cuppa if I’m ever Somerset!

Jennifer Mehta

Owner, Calibrant Digital

To be honest with you, I don’t have any kind of strategy when it comes to my business. I love doing what I do. But in terms of the business side of things, I’m not quite there, really. So yeah, just a little bit of help with strategy, and maybe even just trying to get more clients. I’ve only had about two or three clients this year, and I think a lot of that has been intentional, obviously, because I’ve been doing homeschooling because of COVID, and all that kind of stuff. So it has been a good year to not have that many clients, but now going into 2022, I do want to kind of ramp it up a bit more, and have more clients. More of the right kind of clients. So it’s just trying to figure out the right strategy to do that.

Adela Mei
So tell me a little bit about your business and your existing clients. We could start there?

Yeah. Okay. So I’ve been running my business for about three years, and I focus primarily on web design, the monthly maintenance and the SEO side of things. I’ve only recently started offering SEO as a package within my web design services. I’ve been doing some monthly maintenance plans free of charge, just so I can get some testimonials from my clients. So that is something that I’d like to try and push as well. I do offer it to my clients at the point of offboarding but they never seem to jump on board with that.

Adela Mei
Oh, okay.

Yeah. So the kind of clients that I’ve been working with are doctors, financial advisors, accountants, that kind of thing, and they’re the sort of clients that I want to attract.

Adela Mei
I’m just starting to think about where you might want to put your attention to get new clients in that same industry. Are they quite good at referring, it’s an industry I’m not familiar with at all.

Yeah. They haven’t really. To be quite honestly, they’re so focused on what they’re doing, they don’t actually think about if somebody needs a website, they don’t actually think about referring me to them, because they’re so blinkered in what they are doing, which is, I mean, I’m married to a surgeon, I know what they’re like.

Adela Mei
Okay. You have insight into the industry. That’s great.

Yeah, yeah. So most of my business has come through word of mouth, mainly from my husband, or friends that are in the local area that are also VAs virtual assistants, that kind of thing. So I have had referrals from them, but not from existing clients. Not that they’re not happy, they are happy, but they’re just so focused on running their own business, they don’t fully appreciate that, actually referring me will actually help my business, they don’t think laterally I don’t think.

Adela Mei
Sure. I wonder if just what’s coming to me straightaway is when you’re off boarding, if you’re not keeping them on as maintenance clients, if there was a way, when you hand off to just make that simple, make it an invitation for them to put it into their mind that actually you would like them to refer you, because I think you’re right, people don’t automatically think, Oh, I was so pleased, I must reciprocate and refer because obviously, we all would like more clients.

You’re helping them get more clients, that’s part of why they’re hiring you. Whether that’s a landing page or in an email, or there’s probably quite a few ways you could do that and just pop it in top of mind. Or if there is maybe a receptionist or admin, or whoever, maybe you’re dealing with it, you sort of pop it in. Often it’s the lady who picks up the phone or the VA helps who would think Oh, actually, yeah, I could make that connection, that referral.

So I mean, it sounds like a few things. If you’ve got these things in play, you’ve got your landing page, you’ve got the ideas, is coming up with something structured that works with your day to day.

So say on Mondays, you remember that you’re going to just think about who you could contact and ask for referrals. And you just make it a part of running your business, part of your networking. So for example, I am more structured than I used to be, I have to say on LinkedIn, and I have a strategy for each day the types of networking, the types of connecting that I do.

So for example, one would be supporting someone else’s work, making a comment on what they’re posting about. One would be just connecting with someone maybe I haven’t had contact with for a while and see what they’re up to. And then asking for, I’m a big one on this, you’ll probably get one from me asking for recommendations, but but via LinkedIn, so from within the people that you’re connected to.

It does kind of sound a bit like just constant self promotion. But I mean, I’m very introverted, so for me to be able to do this, anyone can do it. If I can doit. It’s more to stay top of mind. And every time I ask someone for a recommendation, I also go and leave one for someone else, without them asking me to do it.

So it just becomes a much more reciprocal way of we promote someone else, maybe they’ll promote us back, maybe they won’t, but maybe someone else will just out of the blue. I just noticed that happens when you have that mindset to, yes, of course, we’re doing it to increase our online presence, put our brand in front of people, stay top of mind.

So if you’ve got your existing connections already, it’s also a much more personal way to start getting those referrals or recommendations. With a landing page, you’re needing to send people there and they’re likely going to forget or, not sure where the link is. So it’s gently checking in with clients, if you are connected on LinkedIn, just as an example. And I think for your target audience, professionals, LinkedIn is best, I can’t imagine a lot of them hanging out on Instagram, doing reels and stories.

As the best platform, I think LinkedIn is probably the better one for your audience. But yeah, and trying different ways of connecting, but it’s the regularity of it, the consistency of it. So to make sure, if it’s just once a week, then make it once a week, every week. Oor if you can do it more regularly than that, and just start, you’re basically showing up with a presence, what you’re doing, who you’re for, making it much easier for people to find you.

And going back to leaving recommendations for other people, that’s one of my favourite things to do, because it’s really just an act of generosity. And people respond so well, like my God, that’s so nice, what you said as well, it’s true. I really appreciated working with you, or that meeting we had you really inspired me, it doesn’t have to be a client or someone whoyou’ve hired, it can just be a colleague, or a peer in your network. It’s building rapport and trust.

Just a few mindset shifts just to, because I need to tell my brain things like that, like, not everyone is seeing everything you’re doing all of the time. No one is actually that interested in what I’m posting on social. So I can’t annoy anybody! It just helps get over that hurdle to maybe post a bit more, use a scheduler. I use a scheduler as well.

Which one do you use?

Adela Mei
I’m a huge fan of Coschedule and I recommend that for my clients as well. Part of what I do also, along with the strategy and coaching, is I do manage some people’s social media marketing, so we do it all via Coschedule because it’s manageable for me to do it like that.

And what the client’s main thing to do really is then the engagement. So you have things mainly evergreen posts, a great example, something that, you know, you could post every week for the next year, and someone’s gonna find it useful. So it’s not time sensitive. It’s not about you launching something or anything like that. Something that can run all year, and people will still be interested. And then checking on, if it’s LinkedIn, is someone talking? is someone engaging? is someone liking? and that’s where you put your focus is in the engaging, and I call that it comes on community building for me, you know, just making connections networking.

The other thing I like to do is, so a blog post that you’ve put up on your website, you can recreate that as an article on LinkedIn, so directly, so yes, that takes a bit more time. Instead of just copying and pasting the URL of the blog post, or scheduling it, you basically copy and paste the whole blog, make an article, put an image, and then you can share that onto your feed and then you can just keep re-sharing.

So with something like LinkedIn, I would do a combination of scheduling and then direct direct posting as articles.

For example, the hot seats that I’ve done for other people with their permission, obviously, I’ve put those as articles on LinkedIn and I’ve put the little video in there as well, because I’m building up examples if people want to see what kind of things do we talk about. Some people maybe they think their question is too silly to ask. And no question is too silly to ask. We’re all here to help each other.

I put a blog post up and the video. So once a week, I then share that onto my feed and say, here’s another session in my series of sessions that I’m posting, and then I pop that up again. And so if you imagine you’ve got six, that six weeks, you’ve put that out once a week.

Batch producing content, I mean, when you have an idea, it could cover multiple posts. Or it could be a theme or I don’t know about you, for me, I get in a zone with a topic. And I think, Oh, well, that’s a blog post and an email. Oh, that’s actually six social media posts or a carousel, oh, and then I can do that. And it becomes sort of 20 little things, from one piece of content.

So I’m all up for repurposing and then batch producing. And then literally, you can shedule out over, say, three months, and then what’s left for you to do is engagement, or additional things, but you’ve got your core messages going out, and then you can sleep!

It’s exciting, because I know that they’re the clients that I want now, and it’s just a case of, I feel like I am starting from scratch, but I’ve got a good portfolio behind me and I’ve got good testimonials behind me. So that’s great.

Thank you. That’s been really helpful.

Adela Mei
You’re welcome.


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