Business Strategy Session with Ryan Nelson

Business Strategy Session with

Ryan Nelson
I think that’s probably one of my bigger questions. Just from that, not necessarily just attracting clients, but attracting the right clients.

That is one of my challenges. Because I’ve tried to explain this to other people just in everyday conversation where the people that are generally in my orbit, if you’re looking at my LinkedIn profile, the people that are in my network are business owners, executives, or the C level type of people. I mean, obviously, that’s who I’m reaching out to, a lot of them are decision makers, but just naturally as I’m getting older that’s where people are at. So that’s the world, but then the clients I tend to have are more blue collar. I mean, still business owners, right, but they’re more like tradesmen, or I work with a lot of farmers and creatives, artists and things like that, so farmers markets.

So to me, and I might need to get out of my own way, but to me, they seem like very two different kind of circles. And so when I’m communicating I tend to be communicating to the executives, and whatever, the C suites, but I tend to find myself working with these people.

  • And so, is my messaging off?
  • Am I targeting the wrong people?
  • Or am I accepting the wrong business?

I think that’s where there’s some confusion in what I do, because, I think even with the services then, that kind of renders me to think like am I offering the right services? Do these people actually need it? But these people really do need it, and I’m not offering it to them. Or am I pricing myself out of that? Like I said, I have a vision of the people that I want to work with, but I don’t think I’m actually attracting those people and or am I actually actively trying to get them.

So if I want to work here, I’m both like, I’m doing the work here, or I’m talking to these people over here, or I’m trying to get these people over here, if that makes sense?

Adela Mei
Yeah, it makes absolute sense. It’s like, so the question would be ‘how to bring that into alignment’. What you want to attract, but what you’re doing, because everything has an action and a reaction, so what you’re putting out is generating what you’re attracting, on every level actually in life. So it’s being clear with what is it in your messaging that are attracting a certain type of clients? And I mean, you’ve you’ve said it yourself, are you accepting the ‘wrong clients’ and if you keep attracting those clients and working with them, you’re going to be getting more and more of that, because that’s kind of how it works.

Is it that you need to really shift your trajectory in the business and start saying no, to certain kinds of clients, so that you can say yes to others? Or is there a way you can work with both groups, it doesn’t always have to be ‘either’ ‘or’ it can be ‘both’ ‘and’.

Ryan Nelson
Part of me wonders, do I need to reframe my own expectations? Or reset it to say, well if I’m doing a lot of work with these people, should I be messaging these people, because there’s nothing wrong with the business that they do. Like, actually, I really do appreciate the work that they do, from sustainability, and farming practices, and life. Right, like, I mean, it’s everything that should be talked about, and should be shared. I don’t know if it’s because of the other people that are in my orbit that I’m, I don’t want to call it blinded, but maybe like again, that shiny object is like, Oh, well. I think they have money, or they’re the type of people that want to do the work. But these are the people that probably actually need the help, have a great story to tell, and a great message to get out there.

Part of it is that I’m confused, maybe. I have everything in place, but now it’s like, well, what do I do with it? Who should I be working with? And I think that’s where, like I said earlier, about working with some of these people that just they haven’t panned out, and I’m curious if that’s because I’m following something else. And not, maybe, potentially what’s true to me, right? Like what I actually want to be doing, that I really want to be sharing, and I’m just chasing work at that point?

Adela Mei
Yeah. So which is the group that you’re really drawn to wanting to work with, with more of a heart or a soul calling. Something that you really actually feel more passionately about?

Ryan Nelson
Yeah, you know, I think, just from a story perspective, the blue collar stories, the hard workers, the farmers, the artists, the people that are passionate about the work that they do, because much like me, right, it’s their livelihood, it’s their heart and soul that they’re pouring into the work that they do every day, as opposed to, maybe some of these other businesses that maybe they started it, but it’s a job, it’s work. It’s a product that maybe they’re just like, well, it pays the bills, that sort of thing. I wonder if that’s harder for me to wrap my head around, because maybe there isn’t the passion there. And that they’re not as interested in what they’re doing. But like I said, maybe it’s because it’s more profitable. Maybe that’s why I’m drawn to that, I don’t know.

Adela Mei
I mean, if we went much deeper into those kinds of conversations that will be to really, it’s a lot of internal work to question ‘Okay, why is it I’m going for this?’ Is it just the belief that you will get more money from that. When we can choose to question everything that we believe. And this is something that I probably got into a lot of trouble at school for, because I would never just believe what I was told. So, our beliefs around money, for example, are very loaded, they’re very ingrained and very deep. Then maybe we think we’re only doing it for money, when actually maybe there’s a deeper cause that you’re drawn to, or maybe just the belief, you’re doing it for the money and nothing else can be questioned. Maybe there’s the sort of opposite belief that there isn’t money in working with the farmers markets.

And then it comes back to you again, are you doing this purely for financial reasons. Now, we all need to have our needs met. But I know for myself, I don’t have family and children to support but my needs have always been met. And if I can stay in balance, and just do what I feel, absolutely is the right thing to do, my needs are always met. I don’t have a huge big beamer that I would quite like but I don’t really need that, and that’s just the kind of silly shiny, big, shiny, fast object, I don’t really need that to be happy. Again, further routes, you could take going deeper into is like internal strategy, what do you really need to feel fulfilled, sustained? How do you generate that through your business? How do you work with these beliefs that you have about things? How do you unlock those blocks so that you can see different potentials.

Like these are all, I’m firing a whole list of avenues that you could take, to explore and then uncover what the next step is to get you more in that direction. Because it’s not like you just drifted out to sea and you’re completely lost. It’s far from that. It’s literally it feels like you’re at this kind of, if you’re speaking to two different audiences, and you’re saying yes to two different things, you’re kind of doing this and getting dizzy. And I can speak from experience. Absolutely. And it’s like, Okay, get clear, choose, and remember, you can choose again, this is the thing, but choose and take that direction, and be consistent. And then like, bring everything in your business into alignment with that. So there’s sort of a quick cascade would be your messaging your storytelling, where you are on social media, anything and everything that emanates, from you.

Ryan Nelson
It sounds like it’s just being receptive to the people, like you said, that are drawn to you and be true to yourself. I mean, I 100% believe in the law of attraction. So, I think the idea of like you said, putting yourself out there in the way that, you’d want somebody to return to you that yeah, that’s one of those things that I stumbled across a long while ago, but never really considered it from a client perspective, from a business perspective. You know, I mean, law of attraction from the secret is often used for like, financial gain or the future that you want, but I guess I’ve never really applied it to the the concept of business, right? To the people I want to work with, and it makes sense. I mean, it’s simple enough to say like, on If I want to work with this person, I should talk to that person through my messaging, whether it be LinkedIn or on my website.

And that makes sense to me that those people will hear the message loud and clear. And they come back and want to do work with me at that point. I mean, I think that helps it, I would agree that there’s some confusion in what I’m doing. Not the work, but with the ‘who’ is probably the challenge here. I wrote down the idea of just focus, focus on one thing, like you said, I can always change it, I can always adapt, I can grow it, I can do a lot of different things. But to start somewhere, so that I think from earlier in our conversation is establish the process, the routine, the rhythm. and go from there.

Adela Mei
If you build on the idea of, so I use the word resonance, everything you’re emanating, and what you say, how you present yourself online, has a resonance, and I imagine you’ve looked at, say websites before and seen a picture of a person, and you’ve got an impression about whether you want to work with them or not. And it sounds very judgmental, but we’re actually very intuitive beings. So you can get a real good impression from looking at a picture or reading words, which is why I always encourage people to write their own content if they can, because it holds the resonance of what they want to say.

Ryan Nelson
That makes sense.

Adela Mei
The more we’re expressing who we are and what we’re about, the more we will attract the people who have a resonance to that. So if say, specifically in terms of social media, if we don’t vibe with the platform, but we’re using it, why would we expect to find clients that we vibe with? This is my very, you know, maybe extreme take on that. But if there’s something I don’t really resonate, I imagine there are other people that also don’t resonate. So where are they? Where do they hang out? Where do they? Where do they play? You know? And then you go and meet them there. And I see that a lot with with forums. It’s why I make most of my, you know, friendships and clients now. It’s actually in these forums where something initially drew you there, that gave you something in common.

Apply that to clients in business, where are the people who you would like to work with? Where are they hanging out? Where are they looking for you? And it’s works both ways. Very interesting. Really. Very interesting.

Ryan Nelson
Yeah, I mean, it all makes sense. And, that’s a good perspective to kind of look at, you know, even where, where we met, right. I mean, so I think that’s interesting to kind of step back and say, you know, can I create an environment that would attract people, like minded people right to me, right? So, I mean, if I’m thinking about it from the LinkedIn perspective, it’s the content that I’m putting out there, the messaging that I have, that is, it’s true to myself, and then the people that are responding and reacting to it, then those are the people that, I need to invite in, into my circle, or to have some more conversation. Simple enough, right?

Adela Mei
Simple but not easy! It’s always the implementation. So I would like to take away from just this short session, like if you could trial, one thing and persevere over, try something daily for 21 days, it’s always a really good practice to ingrain and try, for example, true authentic storytelling, an expression of who Ryan is in this world right now and who he wants to work with. Try it on LinkedIn, express yourself, and see who who will start coming back going, ‘that’s interesting what you say there, tell me more about that’. And see what comes in. Because that to me is genuine connection with people. When I read something someone’s written and I know they’ve written it, it’s like ‘Oh, actually, I like what you’re saying now, I like the feel of what you’re saying. I like the language that you’ve used’.

And I found a few digital marketers, I think they’re all in Australia, actually. And I really like what they’re saying. And I’m like, I’m gonna actually follow and see what you’re talking about. What’s your thing? What obviously gets you so fired up that you’re on Instagram Stories every day, like, what’s really firing you, because I think these are our core values. The reasons why we’re doing what we’re doing, and that’s kind of under all the other peripheral tactics and other things. It’s that core of what really is it that I want to represent in life, my business? How do I want to serve people? What is it I can do to add value to other people’s lives and businesses?

So I will leave it there because I could continue for another two hours. As I love these conversations Thank you so much for coming on my hot seat.

Ryan Nelson
I appreciate you let me just get it out. I think it’s as simple as an idea of just kind of putting myself out there and expressing maybe my frustrations, it helps just kind of to see it in a different way. And so yeah, I appreciate the opportunity.

Adela Mei
You’re welcome. And so it’s that idea of getting an outsider’s perspective. It’s probably all around you, but you can’t see it, but it is just there. It’s literally hanging. Right there.

Ryan Nelson
That’s the thing. I know. I’m kind of walking, bad analogy, but like walking around in the dark. I know all the stuffs there. I just don’t know what it is. I absolutely appreciate the opportunity to talk with you and help me see some things a little bit differently.

Adela Mei
You’re welcome.

There are times when you can’t see the forest for the trees. It’s hard to have perspective on a problem when you’re in the midst of it, and thats where I was before working with Adela.

Working with Adela on my business strategy has helped me learn more about the steps I need to take to grow and propel my company.

We had a great meeting. Before we finished our conversation she encouraged me to take action building some momentum. She pointed out the bottleneck right away and gave me encouragement that helped me get motivated.

If you have found yourself feeling lost or confused in your business, and are looking for an honest, non-bias perspective, I would reach out to Adela Mei right away.

Ryan Nelson

Creative Director, CST Design


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