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Adela Mei

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Adela is an intuitive, fast thinking, digital business expert and I would highly recommend her to any company leader who wanted to see real results from a no nonsense approach to strategy and execution.

Gill Wilson

Digital Catalyst, Buttered Host

Having a session with Adela was as real as reality gets when it comes to structuring your thoughts about your business, and what direction you need to go with your business so it can thrive and not sink.

Adela critically listened to the questions I was throwing at her, and helped me align myself with how I should identify my services and what direction my business should take.

Joshua Berrios

Business Owner, Aspen Grove Studios

Adela’s knowledge around the digital world of business is evident and the gentle way she holds conversation and “pulls” out the answers from her clients is valuable to any business owner.

Lisa Williams

Entrepreneur, Joli Design Solutions


There are times when you can’t see the forest for the trees. It’s hard to have perspective on a problem when you’re in the midst of it.

Working with Adela on my business strategy has helped me learn more about the steps I need to take to grow and propel my company.

ryan – web designer

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