4. Deep Listening and Digital Strategy

‘Tell me about your business.’

Josh Hall
How do you start the conversation to digital strategy?

Adela Mei
It’s always ‘tell me about your business‘. And then wait, and then listen. And the trick is really to pause and let them really start thinking because I think most people aren’t expecting that. We’re used to people talking at us, and pitching to us and trying to sell something to them. But as soon as you take that other approach, ‘so tell me what’s on your mind’. ‘Tell me what’s going on in your business’. It opens up this space for them to think and go oh, someone’s gonna actually listen to me.

Josh Hall
There’s the best sales tip advice ever right there. Just listen. Listen and let your client voice their problems. And then that also provides all the solutions that you can start thinking up as well, and I’m sure that’s where you come in, right? You can decide whether to take, you know, one approach on a macro level, like doing website, email, social and everything, or just one.


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