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Road mapping your digital strategy.

Building a digital strategy for your business doesn’t have to be dry and dull.

Jackdaw leads the way with an interactive and engaging strategy process. Unlock key markets, and watch your client engagement (and revenue) grow.

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Online business roadmap

Choices have consequences and choosing the right online platforms and digital strategy is key to unlocking your online success.

I’m absolutely passionate about helping you get the confidence to make your own really good choices and decisions for your business.

Creating a flexible digital strategy roadmap gives you a long-term guidance system to help you navigate the changes common in the digital world.

A digital business roadmap helps you navigate situations

Having a clear set of priorities—actionable next steps mapped out to create a plan for the year—has helped me immensely. I’m so close to my work that it’s hard to see the forest for the trees—an outside perspective on my digital strategy from someone who isn’t wrapped up in the day-to-day helped me finally make some decisions that I’ve been putting off for a while.Michelle


Business Review

An in-depth review of your online presence, brand identity, and marketing strategies.


Website Review

A review of your website looking at improvements to style, content, and marketing to improve customer experience. 



A review of networking and social media platforms, and marketing content, to create a marketing strategy based on authentic connection.

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What clients say?

I had a business review with Adela. She is an excellent Digital Strategist and Business Coach.

I was feeling a little lost in regards to some areas of my web design business and needed some clarity and guidance. What impressed me the most during the consulting session was how Adela was able to sincerely SEE ME and connect to what my true passion is.

Adela has given me the confidence to be my authentic self and reflect this in my brand and business.

I would highly recommend Adela’s services for anyone seeking strategic consulting or business coaching. She’s Brilliant.


Web Designer

I absolutely would recommend a digital strategy session. You’re basically like a digital business therapist. You excel at mirroring issues back in such a way that make an entrepreneur see for themselves what they’re doing wrong or what they can improve on, but without making them feel like a failure for doing that. For me, just hearing things in a slightly different wording than what’s in my head can be enough to get me thinking in a different direction, and that’s exactly what happened here.

I was already putting more focus on my business procedures and policies this year, so reconsidering my service offerings and restructuring how those are marketed came at exactly the right time. Thankyou again so much for taking the time to talk with me about all this. I really feel like you understand who I am and what drives me in my business.


Web Designer

I couldn’t recommend Adela Mei as a Digital Strategist enough. What I’ve learnt from Adela has changed my business and approach to the digital possibilities for me and my business.

Also, she importantly identified what the potential was in my business and how I could achieve what I wanted. A rebrand, a new website and my first digital course has all been carried out because of Adela’s work with me. I cannot recommend her bespoke and tailored approach enough. Adela has helped me fulfil potential I didn’t know I had!


Acting & Performance Coach

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