2. Examples of Digital Strategy

This episode is coming out about a week before you’re going to do a live presentation in my web design club. These are practical examples of digital strategy.

Josh Hall
The question of when somebody asks you what you do, do you just kind of frame it differently depending on the room that you’re in? If it’s a web designer, do you frame it differently than somebody who’s in social media? Or who doesn’t know the web world at all?

Adela Mei
Sure. I mean, it’s just so different for everybody. So initially, when people find me, just opening up that conversation is I ask them to tell me about their business. And really, we go from there.

Listening to why they think they wanted to speak to me, why they think they need digital strategy. And then just really listening.

Maybe they’ve got problems or hurdles in the business, a problem that they want to solve. And then we go from there taking the lead from what the client is telling you. Because often they kind of know themselves, it’s just again, they can’t quite see it, they can’t quite grasp it, they need to turn around and look at themselves and go, Oh, that’s what’s going on.

So it’s similar – but different – for everybody.

Josh Hall
And it is something where I’m sure you could do it on a macro level, like you said, like all the pieces of a business. But you could also I’m sure, do it on a micro level.

Like we were just talking before we went live, what we’re doing right now is a bit of digital strategy, because this episode is coming out just about a week before you’re going to do a live presentation in my web design club. And that was crafted very carefully, as you’re going to dive into much more detail visually in the club for that training presentation. But we can at least scratch the surface here on the podcast and get a lot of good details out to everybody.

So, I love that. I think it’s really cool. It’s just a practical example of digital strategy.

I was trying to think of another one as well. I think even for me personally, one strategy I realised that didn’t come from my mind, but came from my students was people were asking, when I had my whole suite of courses done, if they could buy all of them together in a bundle and it was like ‘ding’ light bulb went off. I was like, why haven’t I thought about putting a bundle together with a discount for all my courses, which I do have. So I think that’s another practical example of digital strategy.


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