10. Focus on Delivering Value

With strategy it’s a much higher level overview, before you even start diving down into the details of ‘how much does this cost?’. Focus on delivering value.

Adela Mei
It’s never about numbers either and that’s the big shift that I mean, I was lucky back in 2014, I discovered a course someone was running called Digital Strategy School, and it just piqued my interest back then.

And what that took you through in steps of, as a web designer

  • look at your existing processes
  • where are you offering strategy?
  • where are you adding extra value that maybe you didn’t see it before?

So over time, I was able to just start fleshing those things out and then building them up. And then initially, there’d be a bigger discovery session where I knew what I was doing was strategy. It wasn’t just ‘Oh, I think I just did strategy’. It was intentionally, I know what I’m doing. And then building up that experience over the last few years.

I now know how valuable that is. So it wasn’t a case of ‘I’m going to be a strategist, because I feel like earning more’ or something like that. It was really building up that confidence going right, I see the value now. I see what happens when I have these calls with people. I see how it shifts the trajectory in their business. I see how that has changed their business and their life.

And so it then doesn’t become about money anymore. And I’m very clear in myself, what I do is valuable. I have an entry level fee for people to start working with me. And it isn’t negotiable. And I’m really comfortable with that, because I know how much value I bring to the table.

But it comes from experience, it comes from confidence, and then explaining that when you’re onboarding or meeting clients, it’s quite tricky, because you can’t visualise or demonstrate, well, this is how I saved a business from going under low last year, with blah, blah, blah, versus how we avoided making like a big mistake on something that was not quite right, we rectified it.

So it’s really understanding when you’re dealing with strategy, it’s a much higher level overview, before you even start diving down into the details of ‘well how much does this cost?’

It’s leave all of that, step back, and just understand that what is going to happen after a strategy session is going to change the trajectory of your business and your life. That’s what you need to know. So if you’re not in a mindset of how important brand is, then you’re probably going to be ‘well I’ve got $2,000 to do a thing’. I’d say well go run some ads. That’s fine. I can recommend you someone who specialises in that. But that’s not what I’m going to be able to help with.