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Through Adela’s work she inspires and empowers her clients, wherever they are in the world, to build the confidence to grow their business, develop a strong inner compass, and take grounded action.


Adela Mei

Adela coaches leaders in the environmental sector, bringing her clients a renewed sense of purpose and determination, and inspires them to continue their critical work.

With her wealth of experience in conservation, biodiversity, and environmental management, she set up her own company Jackdaw Coaching in 2021 to support small businesses grow sustainably, through coaching and mentoring.

Previously working in the corporate world on land management and biodiversity projects, Adela was drawn to international conservation, and co-founded a wildlife monitoring organisation based in Peru. She went on to set up a conservation expedition company, spending the next chapter of her life supporting international wildlife projects in Guatemala.

Her most profound personal achievement is learning to ride a motorbike at 50 which has given her a highly focused mind, positive attitude, and massive confidence.

Originally from London, Adela followed a heart calling to the West Country, where she lives in Somerset.

Adela Mei

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Adela Mei
Adela Mei


I’m here to make a Sustainable Positive Impact on People & the Planet.

Adela Mei Jackdaw Coaching
adela mei press
adela mei press
adela mei press
adela mei press
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Adela Mei Transformational Life Coach

When I want / need someone to understand the “ME” side of business. Someone to get that I’m not gonna do the same old bs, and that I need someone who can understand me, what is right for me, and how that extends to my biz.

I love that you get that! That it’s not about expert advice and what everyone else is doing. It’s about authenticity. When it sometimes feel like the world is pushing towards “you need to do this….” you offer up an approach more aligned with “what do you want?


Human Potential Coach, Golder Goldstein

Adela Mei Transformational Life Coach

When it comes to seeing the bigger picture – the whole scope of a project – this is where you shine.

You are keenly aware of where your clients will succeed and where they could stumble. While it may be difficult to have discussions around the latter, your honesty about these things will go a long way.

Your clients (the good ones) will trust you and recognize that you’re only trying to help them succeed. So be sure to use that visionary skill you have!


Graphic Designer, Katie Robleski

Adela Mei Transformational Life Coach
As well as supporting and coaching me and helping me up level my online presence, Adela has taught me how to use technology to my advantage and help me navigate my online presence with confidence.

Adela is kind, supportive, clear and so knowledgeable as a coach. She has a strong intuition on the best way to go, and I could not recommend her enough as a digital strategist and coach.


Acting & Performance Coach, Tom O'Brien