Say Goodbye to Uncomfortable Online Meetings

Learn How To Improve Your Confidence on Camera

Adel Mei Camera Confidence Course

For coaches and business owners who want to show up and hold more successful online meetings and workshops.

You will learn practices to help you feel more confident & comfortable on camera, allowing you to have deeper conversations with your clients, get better results, and create more impact in the world.

The online world is here to stay – don’t get left behind by not taking full advantage of the possibilities we now have to hold meetings and workshops online with clients all over the world!

Let me teach you how….

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Imagine Taking on Clients From All Over the World?

Have you ever wondered how everyone else seems to look so confident on camera?

After you have taken this course – that person is you!

It’s time for you to take advantage of the online world and grow and expand your business reach by holding online meetings and workshops?

This course will walk you through step by step how to show up like a pro on video camera for your online meetings and workshops.

It will also provide you with a bonus mini guide on how to set up your camera, lighting and microphone so you can get comfortable with the tech!

Holding meetings online can grow your business and extend your client reach.

Whether you’re just starting out, or have been working online for while but not getting the results that you need, this course is for you!

  • You may be anxious about how you will look?
  • You may be nervous about getting your kit set up right?
  • You may be uncertain about how you can hold an online meeting or workshop?

This course will teach you how to hold a meeting as if you were ‘in the room’ and teach you the one key skill to become more confident and comfortable on camera.

From over 10 years of in-person sessions and workshops, I had to flip my business online - and fast.

I now help other businesses do the exact same thing! Now I wasn’t born confident on camera.

Through trial and error I found the practices that helped me become more confident in holding my online meetings and workshops, and now my clients benefit every time! At the end of the day, it came down to one key thing – apart from having an internet connection of course!

If you’re ready to pivot and start offering meetings or workshops online, you’re in the right place.

What if I told you that

If you’re ready to grow your reach – this course will give you a roadmap to follow and techniques to use – every time you go online to hold a meeting or workshop!

No More Uncomfortable Online Meetings

What Exactly Will You Learn?

4 Step Success Blueprint

You’ll learn my practices and 4 step success blueprint for holding better online meetings and workshops.

Step 1: Set the stage
Have you ever forgotten to prepare your environment before you start your online meeting?

This Module teaches you ways to set the stage – to set your meeting up for success!

Step 2: Rehearsal
Have you ever fumbled with your words or felt uncomfortable with your appearance?

This Module teaches you to present yourself in a more professional way so you can connect more deeply with your clients and build that trust.

4 Step Success Blueprint

Step 3: Preparing yourself
Have you ever set up ready for a meeting then realised you haven’t prepared yourself? Not just physically, but mentally and emotionally too!

This Module teaches you to show up on a meeting in the right emotional state, physical state, mental state, even spiritual state – setting you and your client up for success!

Step 4: Holding the meeting
Have you ever lost your flow or your confidence in the middle of a meeting?

This Module teaches you how to raise your energy and maintain your confidence while you’re on a call with your client or teaching your workshop.


What others say?

Life Coach

Adela is fantastic, her knowledge and insights are invaluable and her workshops give so much clarity and focus, I feel much more confident now about using this technology for my coaching sessions


Life Coach

I found the atmosphere relaxed and supportive. Adela was very knowledgeable and provided lots of useful information.



You’ll also get these extras!

Adel Mei Camera Confidence Course

Meeting Checklist - Let's bring it all together.

Have you ever done a course then forgotten to implement the practices you learned? The last module brings it all together for you.

Download the checklist that you can print out and keep by your computer before you start every meeting or workshop – Never forget a step again!

Adel Mei Camera Confidence Course

Free Guide - Bonus mini tech guide.

Don’t let lack of tech knowledge stop you from growing your business online for your meetings and workshops.

Get my bonus mini guide on how to set up your camera, lighting and microphone so you can get comfortable with the tech!

Everyone is nervous the first time

The practices in this Course will grow your confidence. Don’t let another messy meeting lose you a client!