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Jackdaw Coaching Services

Are you looking for a friendly and approachable coach, to provide affordable and effective coaching? I’ve made it easy to work with me whether it’s coaching for your personal life or for your business.

Life Coaching

Transformational life coaching.

Get personal coaching & gain the confidence to take the next steps for your life with supportive coaching.

What if…?

You can get expert help to sort through the noise of running a busy lifestyle?

  • No more overwhelm.
  • No more lack of confidence.
  • No more imposter syndrome.

Just clarity & confidence.

Book your 30 minute FREE consultation to explore how coaching can help.

Business Coaching

Strategic coaching for business owners.

Gain clarity and direction in your business, and the confidence to take action.

Growing your business doesn’t have to mean chaos and confusion. Let Jackdaw help you build momentum and watch your business transform.

What if…?

You can grow your business in alignment with your life style and what you truly want.


Maintain a healthy life-work balance while reaching your business goals.

Digital Strategy

Road mapping your digital strategy.

Building a digital strategy for your business doesn’t have to be dry and dull.

Jackdaw leads the way with an interactive and engaging strategy process. Unlock key markets, and watch your client engagement (and revenue) grow.

Are you looking for…?

  • Clarity in your business.
  • Alignment with what you truly want.
  • A life & business true to you.
  • Help with navigating the online world.

Explore how a digital business audit and strategy can help your business grow.

Let's work together!

Whether it's support you're looking for with confidence building, or decision making, finding focus or creating balance in your life, and setting clear strong boundaries, please get in touch to see how we can work together.

I'm committed to supporting you to reach your potential by bringing you into alignment with what you truly want.

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Client Testimonials

Read what clients have to say

You helped me find my voice and connect with what really moves me – educating people about nature, and providing a space where they can experience a different way of connecting with it. Your talents lie in being able to facilitate people finding their voice and expressing it day to day in their businesses – that is a rare gift!!

Rowland Griffin

Director, Indigo Expeditions

Adela brought clarity to my business strategy – if you need someone to cut through the noise Adela is the one for the job. Her style is direct and honest. She challenges the status quo to help you find the best way to move forward towards what you want to achieve.

Ellie Verrecchia

Artist, Ellie Verrecchia

Having a clear set of priorities, actionable next steps mapped out to create a plan for the year, has helped me immensely. I’m so close to my work that it’s hard to see the forest for the trees. An outside perspective helped me finally make some decisions that I’ve been putting off for a while.

Michelle Bourbonniere

Website Editor & SEO Specialist, Edited by Michelle

Adela Mei is a highly experienced natural strategist. She is an intuitive, fast thinking, digital business expert and I would highly recommend her to any company leader who wanted to see real results from a no nonsense approach to strategy and execution.

Gill Wilson

Digital Catalyst, Buttered Host

Adela has such a unique and transparent approach to business. That is just real and authentic. She has quickly become one of my closest colleagues and somebody I turn to for strategy and again, maybe thinking outside of the box and doing things in a very real authentic approach. It’s really helped my business.

Josh Hall

Course Creator, Josh

I would highly recommend Adela for developing your business strategy; she delivers in a non-judgmental, reassuring manner and you feel her genuine desire to help you raise your game. She also made me realise it’s perfectly ok to be an introvert and still succeed in business.

Jennifer Mehta

Web Designer, Calibrant Digital

Adela is basically a digital business therapist. She excels at mirroring issues back in such a way that make an entrepreneur see for themselves what they’re doing wrong or what they can improve on, but without making them feel like a failure for doing that. I really feel like Adela understands who I am and what drives me in my business.


Web Design Agency Owner, Sandfire Design

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