6. Strategy is Choosing What Not to Do

It’s about navigating through all the things that aren’t true for them, and finding things that are true for them. Strategy is choosing what not to do. ​

Josh Hall
That was another question I was curious about. How do you know? Do you just determine what the biggest problems are as far as whether you want to hone in on a certain thing? Or do it all at once? Is that kind of how that works?

Adela Mei
It’s so varied but to give you a common conversation, if you like, people are given so much information on social media, how to do things, what you should do, what you shouldn’t do, growing a list, building a funnel, all of these things.

Most people, when we start talking, are just completely confused. They think they have to do targeted advertising, if they want to achieve x, y, z. They think they have to build an Instagram following. And really, it’s navigating through all the things that aren’t true for them, and finding things that are true for them. And really the art of it is just deciding what not to do.

People want to do everything because they think they have to do everything, it becomes overwhelming. They can get very heady and stuck in the mind, you can tell they’re like, but what about this, and I want to do that, and I want my, I want to find my avatar, and I want to… and it’s like… you got to calm down because you don’t know what you’re talking about anymore. You’ve got so completely confused, because of all this conflicting information.

So really, a lot of what I’m helping is people get clarity, and just navigate through, okay, let’s just put that on the shelf for now. Put this on the shelf, look at your situation, where are you with your business? What are you trying to achieve?

So people tend to want to jump into something so detailed, like ‘how many times should I post on Instagram?’ And you know, in a week, I had someone send me this huge list of questions. And what about how many videos, how many seconds should the video be? And dubba dubba dubba! And I was like, Whoa, you have to just stop for a minute. Really take a step back.

And this is where strategy you really comes in is:

  • Who are you?
  • What is your business?
  • Why are you here?
  • What service are you being?
  • Who are your customers?

and it’s kind of like reel it back in, sit back down on the couch, and really get those foundational things which is connected in with brand strategy. Get those things, then from that place you think okay, now Where are your customers likely to play? Where are they hanging out? Because if they’re not on Instagram, don’t start putting energy into building an Instagram following for that reason, maybe for another reason, but not for that one.


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