Whether it’s support you’re looking for with confidence building, or decision making, finding focus or creating balance in your life, and setting clear strong boundaries, please get in touch to see how we can work together.

I’m committed to supporting you to reach your potential by bringing you into alignment with what you truly want.

Life Coaching

“As a business owner, there are several aspects of your online presence that need figuring out. This is where a strategy session with Adela shines. It’s amazing what you can get through in an hour. I started the call with a long list of questions and notes, and we touched on everything in depth to get clarity. Adela identified other areas to improve that I hadn’t considered. I’d highly recommend Adela to anyone who wants to improve their online presence and reduce wasted efforts.”

Dan Cook, united kingdom

Agency Owner, WebHQ

“Adela has such a unique and transparent approach to business. That is, I don’t want to say anti corporate, but it’s just real and authentic. And that goes such a long way nowadays in business, particularly for online businesses and entrepreneurs.

She has quickly become one of my closest colleagues and somebody I turn to for strategy and again, maybe thinking outside of the box and doing things in a very real authentic approach. It’s really helped my business.”

Josh Hall, Canada

Course Creator, Joshhall.co

“I was concerned that the issues I’m facing in my business weren’t something you would be able to weigh in on and that I would be wasting your time. I was pleasantly surprised when this wasn’t the case.

The key thing you said that I think I really needed to hear was that I can grow and I don’t need to take everything with me. I’ve been caught in a hamster wheel of my own design because I don’t want to say no to people, but as a result, I end up doing work that doesn’t drive me and isn’t the best use of my time.

I absolutely would recommend a digital strategy session. Adela is basically a digital business therapist. She excels at mirroring issues back in such a way that make an entrepreneur see for themselves what they’re doing wrong or what they can improve on, but without making them feel like a failure for doing that. For me, just hearing things in a slightly different wording than what’s in my head can be enough to get me thinking in a different direction, and that’s exactly what happened here. I was already putting more focus on my business procedures and policies this year, so reconsidering my service offerings and restructuring how those are marketed came at exactly the right time.

I really feel like Adela understands who I am and what drives me in my business.”

Sandy, United States

Business Owner, Sandfire Design

“Having a session with Adela was as real as reality gets when it comes to structuring your thoughts about your business, and what direction you need to go with your business so it can thrive and not sink.

Adela critically listened to the questions I was throwing at her, and helped me align myself with how I should identify my services and what direction my business should take.”

Joshua Berrios, United States

Business Owner, Aspen Grove Studios

“Adela Mei is a highly experienced natural strategist.

She understands the digital landscape crucial to today’s businesses and I am convinced she can help any company accelerate beyond what they would be able to achieve without her particular blend of digital strategy, in depth marketing knowledge and web experience.

She is an intuitive, fast thinking, digital business expert and I would highly recommend her to any company leader who wanted to see real results from a no nonsense approach to strategy and execution.”

Gill Wilson, Glasgow, Scotland

Web Developer, Buttered Host

“Having a clear set of priorities, actionable next steps mapped out to create a plan for the year, has helped me immensely. I’m so close to my work that it’s hard to see the forest for the trees. An outside perspective on my digital strategy from someone who isn’t wrapped up in the day-to-day helped me finally make some decisions that I’ve been putting off for a while.”

Michelle Bourbonniere, Canada

SEO Specialist, Edited by Michelle

“You, ma-lady, are excellent at what you do. You ask the right questions, and are genuinely concerned not only about business growth, but personal growth.

I now have clarity on the types of services I want to focus on. Realizing (through our conversation) that I don’t have to do it all just because I can. And ‘doing it all’ is keeping me from massive growth. This mindset shift brings a sense of peace. Talking it out with someone who provides truthful feedback is so helpful.”

Lisa Willians, Texas, United States

Web Designer, Joli Design Solutions

“Even though I had had communication with Adela, we’d not actually ‘met’ and I am always a little anxious getting on calls with people I haven’t spoken to before. Adela made it so easy and her humour really helped!

A strategy session is such a great idea. It gave me the opportunity to fire questions at Adela and have immediate answers – unlike in an email where you have to wait for a response. It showed that she knows what she’s talking about because she was able to answer every question without hesitation. Adela made sure it didn’t feel formal or stayed. She made some really great points that are real-world and actionable immediately. She got me thinking about doing things in a different way than I had previously thought and I have now been able to move forward with a couple of jobs that were sitting on my to do list for a while.

I would definitely recommend a digital strategy session. It gives you the opportunity to ask those burning questions you will inevitably have about how you will work with Adela and exactly what she can do for you. You wont be disappointed.”

Asha Hudson, Australia

Web Design Agency Owner, Oze Web Help

“I was feeling a little lost in regards to some areas of my web design business and needed some clarity and guidance. What impressed me the most during the consulting session was how Adela was able to sincerely SEE ME and connect to what my true passion is. Adela has given me the confidence to be my authentic self and reflect this in my brand and business. I would highly recommend Adela’s services for anyone seeking strategic consulting or business coaching. She’s Brilliant.”

Jamila Jones, United Kingdom

Business Owner, The Virtual Click

“I recently had the pleasure of a session with Adela, and she not only gave me golden nuggets of wisdom to use with regards to my LinkedIn strategy, but she also made me realise it’s perfectly ok to be an introvert and still succeed in business.

During our call we connected, chatted and laughed together like we were old friends.

I would highly recommend Adela for developing your business strategy; she delivers in a non-judgmental, reassuring manner and you feel her genuine desire to help you raise your game.

I feel I’ve made a valuable connection, and may even drop by for a cuppa!”

Jennifer Mehta, United Kingdom

Business Owner, Calibrant Digital

“Adela has this incredibly intuitive way about her. She just gets it.

What I love about working with Adela is that she wants to join me on my journey and equips me with the tools I need to be able to spread my wings and fly on my own.

The feedback she offers comes from a place of love. Her eye and insight for the small details comes from her extensive experience and the passion she pours into her projects and the people she works with. Thank you again!!”

Jen Rose, Chicago, United States

Mindset & Fitness Coach, The Jen Rose

“There are times when you can’t see the forest for the trees. It’s hard to have perspective on a problem when you’re in the midst of it, and thats where I was before working with Adela.

Working with Adela on my business strategy has helped me learn more about the steps I need to take to grow and propel my company.

We had a great meeting. Before we finished our conversation she encouraged me to take action building some momentum. She pointed out the bottleneck right away and gave me encouragement that helped me get motivated.

If you have found yourself feeling lost or confused in your business, and are looking for an honest, non-bias perspective, I would reach out to Adela Mei right away.”

Ryan Nelson , United States

Creative Director, CST Design

“Knowing that I needed some clarity for myself and my business was one thing, but having a more targeted approach and a direction is something I always struggled with.

The biggest things I’m working on right now is developing my brand voice. Adela showed me the importance of not just talking to everyone, but finding out who you want to talk to and the importance of talking directly to them.

I enjoyed Adela’s personality and friendliness. Feeling overwhelmed and frustrated can hinder progress, but Adela was great at breaking things down into bite-sized pieces for me.

I would recommend Adela to anyone who is in need of clarity or direction in their business. Having someone that sees things from an outside perspective is very valuable and Adela does a great job in spending time learning what can help your business and where you’re currently stuck. She’s wonderful at helping small business owners get clarity!

I’m looking forward to putting the things that we’ve talked about into practice. Thanks again for your help!”

Jacob Neher, Colorado Springs, United States

Web Developer, Three Shadows Media

“Before, I was worried about spending the money and I was unsure about how my site would convert to revenue and support my business growth.

Now I am much more present on social media, and consistently creating content that speaks to my audience. I’ve noticed that I feel more professional and legit as a result of having a well thought out site and ongoing support. I’ve gotten a number of inquiries about my services as a result of my new site and social media strategy, as well as more engagement.

I like my 1:1 with you the most. The support, the personalization, the partnership, and knowing that you had my back and my best interests in mind. Your wealth of knowledge having been an entrepreneur for many years helped me better understand the bigger picture in our strategy.

I would totally recommend your digital strategy services mostly because of you. I could hire any designer but I chose you because you spent time, you understood me and what I was creating and why and then you brought my vision to life.

You are incredibly encouraging, supportive and I trust you. You are invested in the strategy and in me – so when times were overwhelming, frustrating, and unclear you were steady and positive. “

Jen Rose, Chicago, United States

Fitness & Mindset Coach, The Jen Rose

“I think talking through things with an outside person is valuable, and in particular, someone who understands what I’m doing. From what I’m currently doing, that is working or not working for me, to where I see my business in the near future.

You’re also a very holistic person, so you look at the whole person, which resonates with me. I really enjoyed our conversation and hope we stay connected.”
Jean Barger, Virginia, United States

Business Owner, Zen Monkey Marketing

“Adela – I just wanted to say how grateful I am to get to chat to you about this stuff! A little over a year ago I had some phone calls and emails with a couple different brand specialist / web and logo designers that left me discouraged with a bad taste in my mouth and no solid forward progress with my business.

When we talk about my work, I’m so grateful that you ‘get it’ and ‘get me’ and understand the branding piece at the same time! I was beginning to think those things were mutually exclusive, which left me feeling depressed and overwhelmed about building my business.

Since our chat I’ve been feeling so much more positive, hopeful and optimistic about the business side of things, and about the possibilities for growing my practice in a way that feels, honest, natural, and authentic. Thank you for that!”

Golder Goldstein, North Carolina, United States

Human Potential Coach, Golder Goldstein

“You bring a lot of depth, compassion, and spirituality to the table, which is hard to find in the business world.

This allows you to be a lot more empathetic – to see a problem through the eyes of both your client and their own clients and customers.”

Katie Robleski, United States

Creative, Katie Robleski

“Adela has been invaluable to my business. I’ve used Adela’s services to help consolidate and streamline my social media channels and look forward to continuing our working relationship to increase my brand recognition and grow my follower numbers on Twitter and Instagram.”

Nigel Marven, United Kingdom

Director, Nigel Marven Productions

“Adela brought clarity to my business strategy – if you need someone to cut through the noise Adela is the one for the job. Her style is direct and honest. She challenges the status quo to help you find the best way to move forward towards what you want to achieve.”

Ellie, United Kingdom

Artist, Ellie Verrecchia

“I like the fact that Adela wants to know the organization well, vision, values etc. so she can capture the soul and translate that into the branding.

She’s very dedicated and organized, and thinks the website aspects thoroughly as a whole, so all the elements work together!”

Renée Marie B. de Rocasermeño, Guatemala

Biological Station Manager, Estación Biológica el Banco

“I value working with you on copy and strategy as you help me to find the confidence to get out there and to find my words fearlessly.”

Rowland Griffin, United Kingdom

Herpetologist, Indigo Expeditions

“Adela is knowledgeable in her field, passionate about helping business owners and has a gift for straight talking.

She wasn’t shy in telling me where I needed to improve, and was very clear when giving me the steps of advice for improvement and I think this is something I particularly valued about working with Adela.

We had a superb strategy session, it went a bit over the time frame as she is so easy to talk to but she kept things on track, gave me such valuable insights from a skilled eye and has given me an actionable list of things I am going to apply to my business right away!

Thanks Adela, highly recommend her services to anyone who needs a strategy to boost online presence and reach their goals, with some honest, solid, strategic advice for moving forward.”

Leo Rees-Evans, Isle of Lewis, Scotland

Web Designer, Straight Up Websites

“Your top qualities include friendliness. You’re very open and kind – this goes along way when dealing with new people. Obviously knowledgable within your field as you have done it for so long. Then finally passion! You seem very passionate about what you do!”

Lily, United Kingdom

Photographer, Lily Holman Photography

“At Fundaselva, we knew we needed to reach an international audience to spread the word about our conservation story, but we had no idea how to achieve that.

Since Adela’s involvement in our NGO we feel confident in not only how to tell our story, but also how to manage social media and create inspiring content that engages with people from across the world.

Adela’s work has enabled us to take our conservation work into a new and exciting phase.”

Nini de Berger, Guatemala

International Conservationist, Fundaselva