1. What is Digital Strategy?

There are so many different answers to the question ‘what is digital strategy?’ because it all depends on your own skills, background and experience.

Josh Hall
Do you want to let everybody know before we dive in where you’re based out of? And I would like to know Adela, since digital strategy is almost confusing to me still, if somebody asked you ‘what do you do?’ what do you tell them?

Adela Mei
Well, that’s the million dollar question.

So I’m in the UK, I’m in the southwest. And ‘what is a digital strategist?’ is a similar question to ‘what is a brand strategist?’ or ‘what is a business consultant?’

It really depends, and there are so many different answers, because it all depends on your own skills, your own background, and where you’ve come from.

The easiest thing I’ve found so far to describe it is that digital strategy supports:

  • business strategy, so how our business reaches its goals, so there’s some financial strategy in there
  • brand strategy, which is how you’re presenting your business – or your brand – to your customers
  • marketing strategy.

Then you can just drill down until you get into your tactics of email marketing, social media marketing and so on.

So the digital strategy is more overarching.

Imagine you’re at the top of the rain forest canopy, and you’ve got everything going on below, and you’re taking this outsider’s view into someone else’s business, into their brand, into their customer base, and into their audience.

And you’re mirroring for them. People have described it as if you’re looking at the label on the bottle, when the client is in the bottle. Or you can’t see the wood for the trees, because you’re lost in your own jungle.

So that’s really the gift of it, is to be an outsider and offer this different perspective.

In a nutshell, as much as possible, that’s digital strategy – as I see it today.

Josh Hall
That’s a great explanation. I mean, it makes sense. And I can see how valuable that is because in every business as a business owner, or even just as a freelancer, you just get ingrained in your day to day and it can be so easy to lose sight of the big picture and to see what’s working and what’s not. And I think also the big benefit with this Adela is it’s very easy to get disconnected from your customers and your clients if you’re just busy with how you’re used to doing things. So I definitely see the value of that.


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