What You Need To Know About Website Compliance With Termageddon

In a past life as an environmental scientist, I did my time knee deep in environmental compliance with auditing and updating environmental policies and standards (fallen asleep yet?). So, when it comes to website compliance, for me it’s just a matter of shifting perspective from protecting the environment to protecting people’s data. If the terms data compliance .. GDPR .. cookies .. tracking .. or disclaimer don’t ring any bells.. please read on and watch the podcast to find out all you need to know (for now!) to bring yourself up to speed on protecting yourself, and your business, from breaking any compliance laws. In this podcast Hans Skillrud, co-founder of Termageddon ( talks with Josh Hall ( about website compliance, with some key pointers on:

  • How to protect your website
  • How to ensure your customer data remains compliant, and
  • How to protect yourself and your business from potential lawsuits.


Some of the questions answered are:

  • What basic policies and disclosures should EVERY website have?
  • What to do about data you collect from your customers in 3rd party apps – for example Mailchimp.
  • What is ADA Compliance?
  • What is GDPR and how to comply with it?
  • What is the difference between privacy policies and protection laws between states and countries?
  • What are website cookies and website tracking?
  • What about websites with free resources and templates?
  • How do I use auto-updating policies to protect yourself?

If using Termageddon would solve your website compliance need with auto-updating policies, please contact me for 10% off! I can even help with set up if you’re on my maintenance plan as I’m a certified Agency Partner.

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