3. Why is Digital Strategy Important?

Why is digital strategy important? Why is it worth investing in for a business? For me, without strategy, we’re floundering around like a fish out of water.

Josh Hall
I think we’ve scratched the surface on on ‘why’, but I do want to ask that question directly to you, Adela. Why is digital strategy important? Why is it worth investing in for a business?

Adela Mei
For me, strategy comes before everything else. Without strategy, we’re just floundering around like a fish out of water.

I can even remember being at school being told you have to know what you want to do when you grow up and thinking ‘I’ll just wing it’. But actually, probably when I hit about 30, I was thinking, hang on a minute. I think I’m winging it. I don’t think I’m going anywhere. I literally was focusing my attention on different businesses, different things I wanted to do, and I actually wasn’t getting anywhere. And financially actually I wasn’t getting anywhere, because everything was scattered, I had no strategy whatsoever.

So you can apply strategy to the first thing you do in the morning – for me wake up, get that cup of coffee, that strategy has a purpose. So you can actually see your whole life as a strategic operation.

When it applies to business, the real importance of strategy is knowing why you’re doing – what you’re doing.

So for your audiences, mainly web designers, why are you doing what you’re doing, when you’re working with a client.

Okay, you’re building them a website is what you’re doing. Why are you doing it? Why does the client need the website? And then you start really drilling down into the deeper understanding of what you’re doing.

The purpose, not just of the website, but the purpose of the business.

So that’s when you can start seeing web design actually, and I think most web designers do incorporate elements of digital strategy and brand strategy, without really realising it’s actually an additional, separate thing that, from my experience, most web designers aren’t actually charging for.

Josh Hall
That’s the key. That’s what I was just gonna say, unintentionally, most web designers are doing so much free strategy work.


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